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These are the fundamental concepts that founder, Dedrique Taylor, has built ThinkTank around.  As a young coach navigating his way up the coach’s professional ladder, Taylor received mentorship, advice, guidance, work ethic and professional skills from veteran coaches.  Because of this, he was shaped into the coach and leader he is today.

After reaching his professional dream of becoming a head coach, Taylor began to think about the next generation of coaches. He realized he wanted to develop a platform to provide those climbing the coaches professional ladder with guidance, knowledge, perspective and leadership training.

Thus, in 2016, the ThinkTank was conceived.  An amazing opportunity for those in the industry to gain experience from those who have reached the top, the industry veterans.   A space to learn to become the best version of themselves they can possibly be.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a space that allows for the sharing of ideas and experiences as they relate to intercollege athletics and coaching.  We strive to enhance the professional growth, both individually and collectively, by providing the insight and expertise to allow potential leaders to grow and develop.  Our goal is to challenge each individual’s thought process as it relates to leadership and team management.


With Dedrique Taylor

Whether attending an in person ThinkTank seminar or one of our virtual webinars, we here at ThinkTank will provide expertise and guidance in every different area as it relates to college coaching leadership.

You can expect to hear a detailed breakdown on some of the following topics:

  • Building and maintaining program culture
  • How to star in your role as an assistant or head coach
  • How to create a culture that unlocks your team’s potential
  • How to become more relevant and relatable to recruits
  • Best practices with hiring
  • Turning challenges into opportunities
  • And many more

    what They’re Saying

    Client Testimonials

    The ThinkTank is so valuable because it is a great opportunity to bring young coaches together to put them in a room and let them share ideas, hear different perspectives and it’s a terrific opportunity for growth.  I think the ThinkTank is invaluable and it’s a great great tool for young people to take the next steps into their future.

    Mike Ellis

    Career Sports and Entertainment

    What Dedrique and his staff have done here is really put together an unbelievable experience for assistant coaches and a chance for me to meet all the up and comers.  My job as an executive recruiter is to identify great talent in men’s basketball and I can think of no better place than the ThinkTank to identify the talent and get to know people on a personal level and also to share my story, information and tips that can help them in their career.

    Katy Young

    VP: Turnkey ZRG Search Firm

    Coach Dedrique Taylor and his staff here at Cal State Fullerton has done an unbelievable job bringing so many great minds from coaches to administrators to search firms together under one roof to help young coaches develop and move up in their career.  The one thing I took away from this experience is if you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.  A lot of people in this room, as young coaches, you strive to be like, and this is the type of event I plan on coming back to every year.

    Jesse Pruitt

    Assistant Coach Stanford Men’s Basketball

    I think the experience of the ThinkTank was unbelievable and I was really happy I was asked to attend.  I think the goal of the ThinkTank is to help young assistant coaches and young administrators in terms of connecting and ascending in the business.  I would tell anybody that is an assistant coach across the country that has the same principles and guidelines that this is to expose coaches to different networks and contacts.  I would say it’s a no brainer and I’m excited to see where it goes in the future.

    Isaac Chew

    Assistant Coach University of New Mexico

    Over the last two years, the ThinkTank has really impacted my career and I wouldn’t be where I am at, at the moment, as the head coach at UC riverside. I was able to meet my athletic director at this event last year and it was a great way to network. I encourage all young assistants from all across the country to come here and be a part of it.  It’s a great way for me to grow and a great way for others to grow and hopefully Ill be a part of it for years to come.

    David Patrick

    Former head coach of UC Riverside and Assistant Coach University of Oklahoma


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